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What Happened in October and Early November?!!

The year 2020 has been hectic but the last two months of this year in the cryptocurrency world was interesting in its own way.

A new crypto month began. According to Cryptonews.com, we all noticed that bitcoin and litecoin won in October, while bitcoin’s mining difficulty saw its second-largest decline as soon as November started.  When nearly USD 1bn in bitcoin was transferred, it turned out that the US government was behind it.. ETH 2.0 Phase 0 was set for launch on 1 December, but consumers are faced with a ‘to stake or not to stake’ dilemma. Tron was accused that JustLink is a copy-past of Chainlink.

And then, the US elections begun which look it would never end, It’s still going. Several Cryptoverse-based predictive markets were checked at the beginning of the election, with tables quickly turned against Trump, with prediction markets waving  away from the still-president. Meanwhile, bitcoin rallied and then crossed USD 15K. And while crypto presidential nominee Brock Pierce stayed quiet, bitcoin bull Cynthia Lummis won a US Senate seat, while the race had crypto supporters standing on opposite sides.

Venezuela has opened a state-run crypto exchange, while all crypto exchanges need to file with the Hong Kong financial securities regulator, and Russian crypto traders might have to report their profits to the tax man. South Korea’s financial regulator has released a comprehensive set of rules to ban privacy tokens, but a ‘arbitrary’ decision could also compel crypto exchanges to shut down. Meanwhile, FXCoin, SBI and others will work together on a crypto-asset remittance network. And while ex-Catalan President Carles Puigdemont used bitcoin to pay for his escape to Belgium, the South Korean police arrested hundreds of people in a suspected ETH scam.

In the meantime, PayPal ‘s CEO said that their customers are excited for crypto.

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