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The new Bitcoin Fork BTCU shows the world its team led by ERIC MA as CEO and joining two well-known advisors

The Bitcoin Ultimatum (BTCU) team has announced the appointment of Eric Ma, a well-known blockchain figure, to the position of CEO of the project. BTCU is a recent Bitcoin fork built by the development team of Prof-it Blockchain with the support of Coinsbit, the leading cryptocurrency exchange. Ma, has recently been joined by major blockchain industry consultants Dinis Guarda and Juliet Su.

The BTCU team faces a serious task: developing the blockchain of Bitcoin and producing innovative applications that can solve the crypto community’s main problems. In several ways, the definition of BTCU is similar to that of Ethereum. Like Ethereum, as one of the essential features for the implementation of transfers and DAPP applications, the Bitcoin Ultimatum blockchain allows for the presence of smart contracts in the blockchain protocol.

BTCU aims to merge all the best that enabled bitcoin and ether to take a leading position among cryptocurrencies, the high concept of Bitcoin and the potential to create smart contracts that have made Ethereum so successful.

Through using computing power, the BTCU team opposes classic crypto-currency mining. This approach is harmful to the ecology of the world, and also facilitates centralization, as it becomes more costly and unavailable over the years to most users of the network. Although Ethereum launched a gradual transition to a PoS mining algorithm on December 1, 2020, by moving to an LPoS mining algorithm combined with PoA, the BTCU team agreed to totally abandon outdated coin mining models.

A definition suggested by Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood is Proof-of-Authority, or PoA. The POA algorithm varies from Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake that are more general. Working on the PoA, there is no competition amongst miners for the right to produce blocks and accordingly, for remuneration. In PoA, the blocks are generated by only trusted nodes called master nodes, and only this feature can be performed by approved nodes that meet strict data transfer rate requirements.

According to, CEO Eric Ma and Co-Founder Nikolai Udianskiy are heading the BTCU venture. Eric Ma is a former CoinMarketCap core member. He understands the value of community as the foundational layer of a successful project and aims to place BTCU as a leading project in the industry. 

Nikolai Udianskiy, the BTCU co-founder, has 7+ years of experience in the growth, development and investment of crypto ventures. At the world level, Nikolay is one of the top 10 crypto experts.

Juliet Su is the Business Development Officer. Juliet is the co-founder of Digital Week Online and, under the ‘One Belt One Road’ program, the co-founder and CEO of the Eurasian Center for Innovation and Digital Economy, as well as the World Blockchain Invest Alliance’s strategic advisor.

Dinis Guarda is the Global Advisor for Strategic Development. Dinis Guarda is currently the chairman and co-founder of Ztudium, Techabc, and Open business platform.

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