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The Bitcoin price has only been higher than now for 12 days in its history

Bitcoin’s explosive gains are strongly reflected by the number of days it has closed above $16,320.

The price of Bitcoin, which was sitting at $16,320 yesterday, has only been at this rate or higher for 12 days in the whole 4,332-day history of the coin, reflecting only 0.28 percent of the existence of the cryptocurrency.

Crypto analytics platform Messari released statistics showing that the closing price only hit $16,320 on 12 other days, 10 of which occurred in 2017 from December 7 to 20, with the highest closing happening at $19,378 on December 16. Any investor who purchased at the all-time high of $20,089 would still be down 18.35%. On the other hand, investors who invested at this cycle’s low of $3,126 on December 15, 2018, would be up 424%.

The majority of altcoins have yet to reach proportionally uncommon price ranges. The current price of $464 for Ether (ETH) has been surpassed in the last 201 days, reflecting more than 10 percent of the entire 1,933 days since the Ethereum network went live.

According to, Bitcoin’s strong rise past $16,000 has also seen record volumes recently. With more than $5.5 billion in Bitcoin trading volume recorded on Nov. 5, only nine days have seen stronger volume in Bitcoin’s history. Compared to this day in previous years, investors have seen profits of 88%, 2,275%, 4,326% and a staggering 5,833,991% for the years of 2019, 2016, 2013 and 2010, respectively. In other words, investing $1 into Bitcoin on November 13, 2010, would have increased to $58,339 today.

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