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Samsung Will Use the Blockchain to Protect its Users’ Privacy

As reported by, The electronics giant Samsung is working on a blockchain-based application to facilitate a secure way to transfer files, data, and information. Despite the fact that Samsung has not given additional details, sources specialized in the topic said the company is trying to develop a software called Private Share, which uses the blockchain to prevent file receivers from using the information in ways not authorized by the senders.

Samsung’s idea is to use blockchain technology to establish particular parameters prior to sending a file. For instance, a person could make sure that a particular file is opened by a certain identifier, set an expiration date for the file, and permanently delete it without the feasibility of being recovered.

It is also possible to prevent screenshots or to save the information by unauthorized means. Nevertheless, they said that there is no defense against some unorthodox solutions such as taking videos or pictures of the information using external devices.

While similar applications such as Snapchat, Whatsapp, and others exist, the use of decentralized and cryptographically robust technology provides a higher level of security.

Furthermore, users can be more confident that their private files will not be spied on by Samsung as there will easily be no way for Samsung to access them as the transmission would be P2P with encryption.

It is yet to be seen when this implementation will be accessible. However, it is expected that it will be announced with Samsung’s new line of premium smartphones.

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