Friday, September 17, 2021
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Only 10% of UK citizens have purchased Bitcoin

Survey says that only 10% of UK citizens have bought BTC but the asset is largely famous in London as one in four residents have purchased it.

According to Cryptopotato, despite increasing in price and popularity in recent months, bitcoin still far away from receiving attention from the masses. A recent study compiled in the UK concluded that only 10% of the participants had purchased BTC, with Londoners being most akin to bitcoin exposure.

Following the newest developments in the cryptocurrency markets when the prices started booming once again, Opinium and AltFi conducted a survey to garner people’s perspective on digital assets.

Both organizations asked 2,000 UK adults how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted their financial situation, and the majority asserted that they have turned to digital investments while refraining from physical assets.

When the study narrowed down to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the results showed particular room for growth. Only 10% (or 200 people) of the respondents stated that they had purchased any digital assets.

AltFi’s research showed that platforms like Revolut and Freetrade had attracted a sizeable portion of the new investors. Other preferred venues included Google Pay and Apple Pay – 28% of cryptocurrency buyers used either one.

The research also determined the narrative that younger generations are more likely to allocate funds in BTC. Nearly 20% of 18-34-year olds have already done so, while the percentage dropped to just 1 with participants aged 55 or more.

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