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NYDIG head says major firms will announce Bitcoin ‘milestones’ next week

Robby Gutmann, the CEO of Bitcoin investment firm NYDIG, said that we are on the brink of Bitcoin’s mass adoption.

Gutmann, also the co-founder of $10B asset manager Stone Ridge, told the “On the Brink” podcast on Mar. 15 that we can expect to see announcements from some of the firm’s strategic partners that will dramatically change the traditional financial landscape.

“I know starting more or less next week, you’re going to see an absolute drumbeat of pretty game-changing milestones from some of these firms.”

Gutmann didn’t note which partners will be making announcements but indicated that the news could involve providing greater access to Bitcoin for the wider public as well as other products and services.

Intriguingly, one of the products NYDIG offers to partner firms is called ‘Corporate Treasury’, entailing a suite of treasury solutions purpose-built to enable corporations to hold Bitcoin.

“[The announcements] are going to mark progressively new points in Bitcoin adoption, Bitcoin availability, Bitcoin products and services within the existing traditional financial landscape.”

At present, the firm controls more than $3 billion in digital assets.

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