Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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Number of Ethereum nodes surpasses Bitcoin’s for the first time

In terms of total nodes, the so-called “world’s decentralized computer” has now overtaken Bitcoin with new data shown.

Data from the Bitfly technology company and Ethereum node service revealed that now the Ethereum network has over 11137 active nodes, as per a tweet. On the other hand, Bitcoin has 10981 functioning nodes.

Nodes are basically the backbone of any system blockchain. This allows the blockchain data to be stored and run on both business servers or the average user computer. All blockchain nodes are connected to one another and are continuously exchanged the latest data to maintain the network “updated”. Data is therefore stored, distributed and maintained in a blockchain, with nodes containing a full copy of the blockchain’s history called “full nodes.”

The rapid development of the network of Ethereum has now become the largest blockchain network, despite the fact that it has been established over six years after Bitcoin. This can be due to the huge number of apps, instances, and products operating on Ethereum opposed to Bitcoin, which had less use as a tech network and more as a digital asset.
In the last week, the Ethereum network experienced a strong growth, with more than 2,200 nodes added after November 23. This coincides with the upcoming launch of the ETH 2.0 network, which sees Ethereum transition from its current proof of work consensus design to proof of stake mechanism.

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