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Matic becomes the second Blockchain to launch native Chainlink fees

Matic Network becomes the second blockchain after Ethereum to successfully launch native Chainlink feeds.

One of the most popular networks, Matic, has announced on Thursday that it’s been successful in deploying Chainlink feeds as their recommended oracle solutions for developers.

According to cryptopotato, Matic Network revealed that it has become the second blockchain outside of Ethereum to successfully deploy active Chainlink price feed oracles.

There are five price feeds already launched on Matic’s mainnet. Including: MATIC/USD, USDC/USD, ETH/USD, USDT/USD and DAI/USD.

The growing demand for DeFi solutions on Matic Network implies that other feeds will be included into the future. The document also declares that there are some DeFi projects that have already committed to using Chainlink, including PlotX’s prediction markets, EasyFi, and so forth. By using Chainlink’s data feeds, these projects will be able to accomplish important futures as checking loan collateralization, swapping synthetic assets, minting, and so forth.

Matic has selected Chainlink because it suggests developers access to superior quality information alongside a decentralized oracle infrastructure.

In addition, outside of Price Feeds and VRF, Chainlink will be accessible as a general-purpose oracle solution that will enable connectivity to numerous off-chain APIs, boosting the development of externally-connected blockchain-based applications.There are projects that already take advantage of the flexibility provided by Chainlink.

According to cointelegraph, Sandeep Nailwal, co-founder of Matic Network stated:

“The viability of Plasma for DeFi is a hotly debated topic but there is no other Plasma implementation in production apart from Matic. And turns out that in production it works fine and has not encountered any issues after 4+ months of launch of mainnet.”

He argued that the flexibility of Matic, letting developers choose between Plasma and proof-of-stake, can entice different types of developers. He also added that “Many apps like Games, VR spaces use pure POS while some DeFi and prediction markets choose Plasma”.

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