Macro factors can propel Bitcoin to $1 trillion market cap

Strategic investor Lyn Alden explains why her skeptical view on Bitcoin turned bullish in 2020 and the macro factors that may bring Bitcoin’s market cap to $1 trillion.


“If Bitcoin ever reaches $1 trillion, that’s still 10% the size of gold. Could it reach 10% of the gold market cap?” Watch the video to see what Lyn Alden answered to the question.

This video was planned by Cointelegraph team where Jackson interview Lyn Alden about the Bitcoin and currency.

Lyn is the founder of Lyn Alden Investment Strategy, where she provides market research to tens of thousands of individual investors and financial professionals per month with a focus on income-generating investments.

In this video the host asks the following question:

  • How significantly will Paypal’s crypto integration impact Bitcoin’s network effect? 
  • If Bitcoin’s network increases threefold, how much will BTC be worth? 
  • How likely is a 1% spillover from global assets into Bitcoin? 
  • Is government money-printing accelerating the transition of global capital to Bitcoin? 
  • What will be the ultimate consequence of currency debasement? 
  • Will fiat currency eventually disappear? 

Is there any reason for not being bullish on Bitcoin?


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