Saturday, February 27, 2021
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Japanese firm Layer X expands blockchain-based e-voting protocol

The Coronavirus pandemic has prompted many countries to expand blockchain-based online voting protocol.

Japanese firm Layer X announced that the development of an electronic voting system based on a blockchain protocol as part of a smart city initiative being pursued by Tsukuba City.

The company mentioned that the new system will meet the technical needs of electronic voting, inclusive of the prevention of double voting, accurate storage of voting content, voter confidentiality, and management of operation records.

It will also enable voters to check their own voting results, providing the cryptographic ability to verify that the recording processes for the votes on the blockchain network was performed correctly.

Layer X clarified that, through its new system, it seeks to push for a shift towards electronic voting in local governments. And indicated that it is working to strengthen efforts aimed at solving technical problems related to the digital transformation (DX) of different administrative services.

Layer X said, it will join the Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture smart council, which aims to convert Tsukuba into a smart city and move it into the digital age.This was reported by

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