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How Early Ethereum 2.0 Stakers Will Net Huge Profits

Staking in Ethereum 2.0 has been enabled for less than a week now and has so far been quite sluggish, but early birds may be rewarded tremendously.

The adoption of just over 50,000 ETHs in six days since the launch of the official deposit contract was surprisingly late, restricted to the fans of hardcore Ethereum, including Vitalik Buterin himself who dropped 3200 ETHs, and even some whales. The amount staked so far represents 9.6% of the total, so there is still a long way to go to reach the threshold of 524,288 which needs to be deposited a week before Beacon Chain genesis can occur. 

There is now the presumption that ETH 2.0 mainnet’s launch date for December 1 was a little ambitious since it will not happen until a full 16,384 validators have staked. Earnings on Ethereum can be made in DeFi during that time so only the whales have the ability to throw in early so to speak. Hardware and technical criteria for operating a node are likely to be putting off the majority of ETH holders who are only waiting for Beacon Chain to run and stake become a lot simpler.According to, Cinneamhain Ventures Partner Adam Cochran has broken down the earnings chart stating that people don’t fully comprehend the upsides of staking. Once the new blockchain goes live with a minimum of 524k ETH, he estimates that earnings could be as high as 36% APY, though the ETH 2.0 Launchpad reports the yield at 21.6% which is still way more than any DeFi protocol at the moment. With a million ETH staked, yield drops to around 16%, falling to 4.9% when 10 million ETH has been staked. These returns are still way better than some DeFi offerings such as Yearn Finance’s yETH vault which is offering a paltry 1.3% with a 0.3% withdrawal fee.

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