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Hashgraph CTO expects much bigger blockchain interest in 2021

As reported by on November 03.2020, Hedera Hashgraph CTO Leemon Baird said that while interest in blockchain increased in 2020, he expects much bigger things to come in 2021.

Baird mentioned that “the world as a whole looks at this industry as blockchain or DLT and says, ‘wow, there’s really something there.’” He continued, “This year I saw a rapid increase in interest throughout the world. And I think next year we will see an even bigger increase.”

He also added:

“I think that we’re already seeing this year the start of that, that people are seriously considering this something real and it is for a long time they’ve been considering it on the sidelines. But now people are starting to get into it for real, as you’ve said, and people are starting to invest in it. I mean, big, big organizations, people are starting to actually use it in their companies.”

Hashgraph reported a partnership with the Chopra Foundation, in order to develop a mental health platform and they hope will scale to 1 billion users.

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