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Gnosis receives $2.3B Ethereum in a day

According to Etherscan, the Gnosis safe currently holds the third-largest Ether concentration, holding 2.2 percent of the coin supply, worth $2.9 billion.

Gnosis is the third-largest holder of Ether coin supply. On Thursday, the multisignature storage safe of Gnosis received a deposit of 1,500,000 ETH, worth more than $1.7 billion at the time of the transaction.

While its foray into the storage industry started a little over a month ago, in the past 24 hours, the huge percentage of the ETH in the Gnosis safe has appeared. The address held just 250,001 ETH until a few days before that. But on Wednesday, followed by Thursday, a 600,000 ETH ($677 million) transaction sent Gnosis from 32nd to third among the biggest custodians of Ethereum.

These two deposits raised the number of ETH to over 2.5 million in the safe of Gnosis, equal to a total dollar valuation of over $2.9 billion. That pushed Gnosis up the rich list of Ether, making it the third largest holder of the supply of ETH coins, behind only Binance and Ethereum itself.

While only 10 addresses hold 16.7 percent of the ETH coin supply, all are either storage addresses used by cryptocurrency exchanges or run on the Ethereum blockchain as smart contracts.

ETH’s second-largest holder is Binance. The 2,897,785 ETH ($3.4 billion) kept by the exchange represents the amount of the deposits stored in the same wallet by all customers.

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