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Ethereum requires to Clean Its Proposition for Value – Coinbase

Although ethereum outperformed and was more volatile in 2020 than bitcoin, according to major crypto exchange Coinbase, the ETH community also needs to try harder to explain the Ethereum narrative.

Ethereum’s “design properties, value propositions and potential future states are less widely understood by the market,” the firm said in its review report for 2020.

While bitcoin is now used mainly as digital gold, Coinbase emphasized that there is “the need for the [ETH] community to settle on a clearer, simpler narrative that can be easily understood by newcomers.” The narrative of this project is still developing and in the coming years the organization expects to see it form.

Meanwhile, the story of Ethereum is convoluted, they said, with investors assessing the possible utility of future usage cases of the network, how gas charges will correlate with such use and drive demand for the ETH token, and the supply and issuance schedule of Ethereum.

Just recently, as reported, Swan Bitcoin advisor, Lyn Alden, a successful generalist investor and bitcoin investment app, also described Ethereum as an unfinished product with evolving core underlying mechanics and a change in monetary policy.

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