Sunday, February 28, 2021
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Ethereum Expects to Hit $750

Ethereum blockchain native token ETH expects to reach $750 in the fourth quarter as it is above a critical level of technical support.

On Monday, for the tenth time since November 26, the ETH/USD exchange rate attempted to break a short-term upward trend line. But bulls held up near the support base, raising the potential of the pair in the coming hourly sessions to mark a rebound. Apparently, near a resistance level of $621, each rebound from the support trendline of the Ethereum token has been exhausted. Together both trendlines give the appearance of the form of an Ascending Triangle, a technical pattern considered bullish by traders.

A similar structure has been created by the Ethereum ETH token, confirmed by a horizontal resistance trendline followed by a rising one. The cryptocurrency now trades within the spectrum of the structure, only to the upside at a later breakout. Before the consolidation trend emerged, it was rallying upward.

Josh Rager, co-founder of, a forum for crypto-trading education, observed that the convergence of ETH/USD within the Ascending Triangle pattern enhances the probability of forming a higher high. He noted that the next upward leg will be over $700 at least. “Ethereum is just grinding up slowly over the past month,” he explained. “If price can hold this trend and make its way back up to retest $610+ — I would expect the next move to be a higher-high With a push to over $700.”

As reporetd on The consequential upside goal for Ethereum is approximately $762. Usually, the Ascending Triangle breakouts shoot the asset upwards by as much as the full height of the pattern.

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