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Eth2 becomes the third-largest staking network

With Ether continuing to push new all-time highs above $1,500, Eth2 is now ranked as the third-largest crypto asset in terms of staked assets.

The price gains enjoyed by Ether as it hits record highs have propelled Eth2 through staked capitalization to rank as the third-largest network. That is despite the fact that only 2.09 percent of the supply of Ethereum is currently locked up in Eth2.

On Feburary2, with ETH currently testing $1,550 after gaining 12 percent in 24 hours, Ether pushed into new record price highs above $1,480. 2.With nearly 2.5 million ETH currently locked up, Eth2’s staked capitalization equals $3.6 billion.

The price gains propelled Eth2 past Avalanche’s $3.4 billion in staked assets, with Avalanche’s staked capitalization representing 69.5% of the Avalanche’s supply.

According to, Polkadot is currently the largest crypto asset on the measure, with 60% of its supply locked representing $10.8 billion, followed by Cardano with 71% of its supply staked to total nearly $9.5 billion.

Deposits to Eth2 have continued to grow steadily since its beacon chain genesis in early December. During January, nearly one million additional Ether was locked up for staking, while the total number of Eth2 validators increased by 55% from 49,200 to 76,200.

Since the genesis of its beacon chain in early December, deposits of Eth2 have continued to grow steadily. Almost one million additional Ethers were locked up for staking during January, while the total number of Eth2 validators increased from 49,200 to 76,200 by 55 percent.

Ether has gained 70 percent over Bitcoin in the ETH/BTC markets since the beginning of the year, with ETH currently within 5 percent of testing its local high at 0.045 BTC as of Jan 25, which was the highest level of Ether compared to BTC since August 2018.

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