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EcoChain ‘s Capital Logic is going to change the DeFi ecosystem

The blockchain network has been taken by a storm by Decentralized finance (DeFi) and is now arguably the most debated topic. While it was a roller coaster ride, the DeFi network has expanded exponentially in scale and number. Today, the total value of DeFi contracts is more than $11b.

The development and hype of DeFi can be attributed to many reasons, mainly bordering on productivity and simplicity. DeFi or open finance, in turn, helps consumers to use traditional banking services such as credit systems, saving, investing in a permissionless peer-to – peer protocol, usually Ethereum. Most significantly, open finance is a careful attempt to exclude third parties and intermediaries when providing traditional finance services.

The ECOC financial growth token (EFG) is a specific model of DeFi protocol that factors user and price behaviors, uncertainty and allows hedging of DeFi returns more efficient. The EFG token buyer has the advantage of long volatility, while the seller has short volatility. If the underlying ECOchain increases uncertainty during the time, the uncertainty can be used by both the seller and the buyer to make extra profits during the hedging time.

Investors often drift between the BSV model and the Unified theory model in evaluating price and technical analysis. The BSV model argues that there is a reason for making wrong investment decisions which is an impulsive focus on recent data changes while neglecting the change’s overall cause. The ECOC DeFi ecosystem model accurately presents the investor with predictive and ever-changing data to allow for accurate technical and fundamental analysis.

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