Did Bitcoin Hit New ATH?

Bitcoin investors may celebrate a fresh all-time high Monday after the leading cryptocurrency traded above $19,900 Monday morning after almost three years of waiting, according to CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index (BPI) numbers, crushing the previous record set in December 2017.


That Martini Guy is a Bitcoin News and Cryptocurrency Youtube channel and in this video he talk about Bitcoin hitting the new hall time high in some crypto exchanges and analysis Bitcoin.

Once again, the price of Bitcoin has hit $19,400, since slipping to as low as $16,200 on November 26. Following BTC’s unexpected intraday surge, experts say it’s preparing for an all-time high. Convincing claims have been made for both bearish and bullish BTC short-term forecasts. Most importantly, as the BTC fell to $16,200, the recent parabola broke out. This meant that either a significant reversal or the start of a new uptrend was at risk for BTC.

More so than before the crypto bubble, the first-ever cryptocurrency has surged. All eyes were on Bitcoin during that stage, when the asset caught investors’ imaginations everywhere and set its record all-time high price of $20,000. now, Bitcoin is back at $19,000 and only a few hundred dollars is separating it from setting a new price record. Last week the leading market cap cryptocurrency went as far as $19,500 until whales started unloading at the high mark and profiting from what was a spectacular year of price growth.

Long-time Bitcoin holders have undergone more than one bearish trading cycle. But for recent investors, the record highs reflect the affirmation of their investment as the cryptocurrency proceeds to show durability. “The significance of a new all-time high in dollar terms can’t be understated,” said Kevin Kelly, co-founder of Delphi Digital and former equity analyst at Bloomberg, in a direct message with CoinDesk. “Many skeptics have publicly denounced Bitcoin for failing to reach a new high despite such a favorable macro backdrop so this is yet another testament to Bitcoin’s staying power.”
Year to date, Bitcoin has gained 167%. Since its yearly lows in March, after crashing more than 50% in a single day, Bitcoin has rallied more than 400%.


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