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Bitcoin rates from 2017 until 2020

On Wednesday, November 18, 2020, Bitcoin's price has been rising at amounts not seen since the digital currency's all-time peak three years ago in 2017. The market capitalization of the cryptocurrency is currently at around $334 billion. Likewise, the daily rate of bitcoin issuing during the last three years has made the total market value greater than it was before bitcoin reached $19,600 a coin.

Earlier this morning (EST), BTC exceeded the $18k per unit price zone, as the crypto asset has risen by 54 percent over the last 30 days. Over the last 90 days against the US dollar, BTC has risen by 53 percent, and over the last 12 months against the US dollar, bitcoin has risen by a tremendous 123 percent to date.

Three years ago, on Bitstamp, bitcoin reached an all-time high of $19,600, but BTC’s market cap is higher now than it was on December 17, 2017 due to the three years of bitcoin issuance by miners.

Today, bitcoin is undeniably the best financial vehicle in the last decade, having exceeded stocks, equities, commodities, and almost any asset under the sun.

Data reveals that every person with a touch over 55 BTC has crossed the millionaire zone at the current price levels. Statistics reveal that there are 664,900 unique addresses of between 1-10 BTC and 2.3 million unique addresses of between 0.1 and 1 BTC each. statistics also indicate that there are 25,810 individual addresses that hold a bitcoin worth a million dollars. In comparison to those million-dollar whales, 3,442 addresses now also contain $10 million in BTC.

According to, worldwide, most central banks say that financial institutions hold the inflation target of about 2%, but there are a few lenient countries with a reference rate as high as 4%. And even though central banks say that 2% is the global benchmark, statistics indicate that the actual rate may be as high as 10%. On February 24, 2020, just before halving the third BTC bonus, the inflation rate of the decentralized currency hovered about 3.86 percent. Today, the metric is much lower and tends to fall as the present inflation rate of bitcoin (BTC) at the time of publishing is just 2.71 percent. The Etoro crypto asset analyst, Simon Peters, said after BTC burst through the $18k zone that “bitcoin will now set its sights on the all-time high of $20,000” in a note to investors. Peters wrote on Wednesday 18, 2020, morning saying: “Three years on, there are a whole host of factors contributing to the current price rise, including a massive influx of investors from large scale institutions such as listed investment trusts, pension schemes and university endowment funds, which shows how far bitcoin has come,” “Data sets that analyse the health of bitcoin by looking at data from the blockchain, the technology underpinning crypto, are also reporting strong signals that justify the recent price rises.”

The digital currency analyst added: The $20,000 level is clearly the next target for bitcoin. Should we surpass that this year, which I believe is possible, then we are into uncharted territory as sentiment remains positive. Bitcoin’s maturity, evidenced by the diversity of its investors and extensive and wide-ranging data sets, means that we can say with some trepidation, ‘this time is different’.

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