Friday, March 5, 2021
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Bitcoin and Litecoin

Litecoin creator Charlie Lee has tweeted a chicken, dolphin, bee, cash and soon arrow cryptic emoji message today. Several followers of Lee responded and speculated on what he said. But by answering with “Litecoin flip B cash soon,” it was @MASTERBTCLTC who provided the most possible explanation.

Lee has not verified any of the replies to his message or rejected them. What’s more, there’s no logical reason as to why Litecoin is a chicken. Nevertheless an overview of the CoinMarketCap top 10 reveals that Litecoin is on the rise, with bitcoin cash stumbling, lending support to this interpretation. At present, the gap between sixth and seventh position is a matter of $183 million, or 0.04 percent of the overall crypto market cap.

Litecoin’s been up nearly 12 percent this past week, rising to a 12-week peak today, at $68.50. The formation of a big bullish trend line, offering further upside soon, has been noted by technical analysis. Analysts are expecting $70 if LTC keeps momentum.

Whereas Bitcoin Cash is having a case of the post hard fork blues today. There has been a 3 percent decline in its price over the last 24 hours. Bitcoin Cash is failing to build some upward traction, unlike LTC, which has closed a string of higher highs since the end of September, having just bounced off the $240 support line three times.

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