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Apple Co-Founder Wozniak-Backed Token Doubles in a Day

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak's week-old token named Efforce (WOZX) skyrocketed and doubled in a single day.

WOZX trades at USD 2.85 at pixel time (11:51 UTC) and raises by 89 percent in a day, down from USD 2.97, achieved earlier today. It traded at USD 1.42 yesterday.

A few days ago Wozniak launched a new company named Efforce that meant “to transform and disrupt the energy efficiency market,” as reported on December 4, WOZX was listed on the HBTC crypto-exchange a day earlier. On December 8, the exchange then announced the listing of the WOZX/BTC trading pair. The price rise occurred after the second listing of WOZX arrived, with today’s Bithumb Global opening deposits and selling for the WOZX/USDT trading pair.

According to Effek’s statement, the HBTC sent USD 950m in the first 13 minutes, ten times the listing price, while private investors had initially received an estimate of USD 80m. According to CoinGecko, there is about a USD 63 million market capitalization, with this token ranking as 148th. WOZX’s total stock is limited to 1 billion.

As reported, investors can invest and buy into energy-saving projects with fractional or whole WOZX tokens, the company announcement said, while earning WOZX rewards depending on the amount of energy saved, which they can either sell or continue to use.
Meanwhile, Wozniak, one of the six co-founders of Efforce, said in a recent interview that he doesn’t know how many WOZXs he holds. “I don’t personally know how much I have for Efforce. I’m not operationally involved, and avoid financial considerations.”

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