Ajit Tripathi: Ethereum vs Polkadot vs Cardano LEADERSHIP!


Ajit Tripathi is one such observer. A graduate of the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Tripathi went on to work for Goldman Sachs in Tokyo and Barclays and PwC in London before turning to the blockchain space seeking a new challenge. He served as a partner as Ethereum development lab ConsenSys for its FinTech division and worked on the Banking and Payments division of Binance until September.

In an interview with crypto edutainment platform Cryptonites host Alex Fazel this week, Tripathi spoke on the ongoing developments in the DeFi space, the battle of layer-2 technologies Ethereum, Cardano, and Polkadot, and how leadership styles across various projects can actually influence the type of talent they end up attracting. An expert in advanced analytics, blockchain technology and digital assets discover his views on:

  • Why proof of work works
  • Moving from traditional finance to Blockchain
  • The Revolution of Bitcoin 
  • The difficult transition to Ethereum 2.0
  • Building a community
  • The impact of Defi on Ethereum
  • Ethereum is nothing without apps 
  • Proof of stake


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