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$1B of Bitcoin from Silk Road wallet moves for first time since 2015

Ciphertrace speculated that unknown users transacted “to stay up to date with the Bitcoin network,” however it could have been hacked.

An anonymous crypto user has just transferred 69,370 Bitcoin from an address connected to the Silk Road darknet site, which has recently become a common hacking target.

According to the report of November 3rd, by the Crypto Intelligence company CipherTrace, the latest transfer involving two transactions adding up to 69,370 Bitcoin (BTC) originated from an account linked to the Silk Road marketplace, which was terminated in 2013. The crypto user first sent 1 BTC before moving the bulk of the coins.

According to, Ciphertrace speculated the anonymous user made the transactions “to stay up to date with the Bitcoin network” by switching between address formats. As the last time anyone moved funds associated with the defunct darknet market was in April 2015, the BTC wallet would reportedly also have access to all Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin SV (BSV) associated with the tokens’ hard forks.The Silk Road funds have been included in a wallet that has been circulated amongst hackers for more than two years. In September 2020, a Twitter user claiming to have a wallet.dat file called the crypto community for solutions on how to access more than 69,000 coins, also mentioning a quantum machine as a possible way to recognize private keys.

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